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06.04.2018 23:07

Major US stock indexes finished trading in negative territory

The main US stock indices dropped significantly due to concerns over the escalating trade war between the United States and China after President Trump threatened to increase tariffs by $ 100 billion, and Beijing warned that it would repulse "at any cost." Earlier, the US decided to raise existing duties on Chinese goods by $ 50 billion. "In the light of China's unfair retaliation, I instructed the US trade representative to consider the issue of 100 billion additional duties in accordance with section 301, and if so, to identify goods , to which such duties will be imposed.In spite of these actions, the US remains ready for further discussions in support of our commitment to achieving free, fair and reciprocal trade, "Trump said in a statement.

The focus of investors' attention was also data on the US labor market. The Ministry of Labor reported that the US economy created the least number of jobs for six months in March. At the same time, the increase in wages noted in March indicates a tightening of the labor market, which should allow the Fed to raise interest rates this year. According to the report, last month the number of jobs in the non-agricultural sector of the US economy increased by 103,000, as construction and retail sectors lost jobs. This was the smallest amount since September and followed a sharp increase of 326,000 in February. The unemployment rate for the sixth consecutive month was 4.1%, even though people left the labor force. Economists predicted that the economy will add 193,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate will drop to 4.0%. At the same time, wage growth slightly accelerated in March. The average monthly wage rose eight cents or 0.3% last month after rising 0.1% in February.

All components of the DOW index recorded a fall (30 out of 30). Outsider were shares of Caterpillar Inc. (CAT, -3.23%).

All sectors of S & P completed the auction in the red. The largest decline was observed in the sector of industrial goods (-2.5%).

At closing:

Dow -2.34% 23.932.76 -572.46

Nasdaq -2.28% 6,915.11 -161.44

S & P -2.19% 2,604.47 -58.37

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